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At the core of Kapokseed, is our Innovation Platform. This is designed to be an ecosystem, a marketplace where great solutions meet great power, where associations are made and a new course is charted. 

We curate great startups with disruptive solutions to solve real-world problems. We also partner with Investors and Corporates that have a strong sustainability agenda. Our aim is that this platform will help scale great innovations and make them mainstream. Let us help the planet – one innovation at a time.


At the heart of our Innovation Platform are our Innovators. From plates made from bamboo to plastics that are biodegradable, we have a great lineup of startups that range from very early stage to established. Come and explore our Innovators and their innovations.


Meet some Investors who are committed to giving a boost to sustainability with their strong investment thesis covering ESG as their prime focus.


Our Corporate Partners have a strong sustainability strategy at the very core of their company values. These companies run accelerator programs with a focus on sustainability startups and are always on the lookout for great innovations.